Our Solution

Recognizing the coming changes to our industry, advisors have four choices:

  1. Status-quo – Do nothing and hope you will be okay (aka the “turtle” strategy)
  2. Retool your business to evolve to the new paradigm that will sweep through our industry
  3. Transition your business to someone who is meeting these challenges head on
  4. Consolidate – Be the one consolidating those looking to transition

If you believe that status quo isn’t the solution, then we can help!

We provide the tools to help you evolve your business:

  • We have strategic partnerships with cost-effective IIROC and MFDA dealers;
  • We offer access to high quality, lower cost investment solutions;
  • We offer resources and a strategy to help you retool your business including marketing support to communicate your value proposition to clients;
  • We provide capital to bridge the transition and consolidate businesses that are transitioning.

Our Philosophy

EWA Capital Partners works with financial professionals to provide capital to evolve their business – accelerating growth of their high net worth client base and providing a long term succession solution.

Our model is to help the advisor by:

  • Enabling proper succession planning by paying for part or all of their asset-based revenue stream over time
  • Maintaining a simplified cost model to the advisor – an annual flat fee combined with normal dealer and insurance costs
  • Providing investment solutions for their clients that are fully transparent and price competitive
  • Providing an opportunity to participate in the long term success of the EWA business

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