Retool Your Business


Evolution has partnered with two leading dealers to provide back office support. Both dealers are based on a flat fee structure which means more of your hard earned dollars stay in your pocket. Learn more about our Strategic Partners.


Through our strategic alliance with Lorne Park Capital Partners, we have access to a growing number of “boutique” investment managers that provide highly cost effective investment management solutions that you can utilize with your clients. These investment solutions will allow you to be properly compensated for your client service while reducing the total cost to your clients. Learn more about our Strategic Partners.


Evolution will help develop your business strategy, including a marketing plan to assist you in transitioning your existing clients. These tools will also assist you as you continue to grow your already successful business.


Capital has always been a difficult resource to access for those in the wealth management business. The ability to capitalize your business has always been a challenge. Banks look for hard assets to lend against; Private Equity players tend to look for bigger deals, leaving very few options for you to access capital.

The founders of Evolution have spent their entire careers in the wealth management business and as such understand that while the business may lack hard assets, its cash flow is quite predictable. Evolution provides a model that allows you to capitalize that cash flow for the purpose of growth, diversification, and/or possible succession.

Our valuation methodology is flexible, adaptable, and simple to enter into or exit.

Most importantly, it is generally far more attractive than industry practice.

We think of ourselves as a private equity partner for wealth management professionals.